Payment And Delivery

Payments and Delivery Policy

Thank you for choosing Cyber Munk for your website design and digital marketing needs. This Payments and Delivery Policy is designed to provide detailed information about our payment procedures and the delivery process. By engaging with our services, you agree to comply with the terms outlined below.

1. Payment Structure

1.1 Advance Payment: To initiate a project, a non-refundable advance payment of 50% of the total project cost is required. This advance is necessary to secure your project slot and commence the initial stages of development.

1.2 Final Payment: The remaining 50% of the total project cost is due before the final transfer of the website to the client. This payment marks the completion of the project and grants the client full ownership and control of the website.

2. Payment Methods

2.1 Wire Transfer: Payments can be made through wire transfer. Bank details for wire transfers will be provided upon agreement to proceed with the project.

2.2 Online Payments: Clients can opt for secure online payment methods facilitated through our website. We utilize reputable payment gateways to ensure the confidentiality and security of financial transactions.

3. Payment Confirmation

3.1 Acknowledgment: Upon receiving the advance payment, Cyber Munk will provide a payment acknowledgment confirming the initiation of the project.

3.2 Final Payment Confirmation: After receiving the final payment, a confirmation will be sent, and the client will gain full access to the completed website.

4. Project Duration and Delivery

4.1 Project Timelines: The average duration for completing a project is two weeks. However, the exact timeline may vary based on the complexity of the project and timely collaboration with the client.

4.2 Development Updates: Regular updates on the project’s progress will be shared with the client, ensuring transparency and opportunities for feedback throughout the development process.

4.3 Final Delivery: Upon successful completion of the project and receipt of the final payment, Cyber Munk will transfer all relevant files and assets to the client’s designated server.

5. Delays and Client Responsibilities

5.1 Client Collaboration: Timely provision of necessary information, assets, and feedback from the client is crucial to adhere to project timelines. Delays caused by late client submissions may impact the project schedule.

5.2 Force Majeure: Cyber Munk is not liable for delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, acts of war, or other force majeure events.

6. Ownership and Rights

6.1 Transfer of Ownership: Upon receipt of the final payment, the client gains full ownership rights to the website, including all design elements, code, and content.

6.2 Intellectual Property: Cyber Munk retains the right to showcase the completed project in our portfolio unless otherwise agreed upon with the client.

7. Dispute Resolution

7.1 Mediation: In the event of disputes related to payments or delivery, both parties agree to engage in good faith negotiations and, if necessary, seek mediation to resolve the issue amicably.

8. Amendments to the Policy

Cyber Munk reserves the right to modify or update this Payments and Delivery Policy at any time. Clients are encouraged to review this policy periodically for any changes.

This policy is effective as of 01/01/2024 and is subject to change without prior notice. For any concerns or inquiries regarding our Payments and Delivery Policy, please contact us at

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